Mentorship Matters

The Mentorship Matters program

Mentorship Matters is the foundation of our advanced courses in leadership skills and strategies for mentoring employees on the job, and boosting their communication and listening skills.

The Mentorship Matters program speaks to apprentice-level recruits about listening, communicating and working smart, and reaches out to journeypersons and supervisors to build a culture of mentorship.

This initiative to build a safer and more productive workplace has attracted the attention of B.C. colleges and of skills trainers across western North America. Click here to learn more.

Our program

Mentorship can make a difference

  • The program is divided in to two separate courses. The first is targeted at the mentee or trainee. The skills learned in this course will enable the mentee to gain the most from verbal and practical instruction from the mentor with whom they are paired, with such skills as clear and collaborative communication, and taking the lead in goal setting for their learning.
  • The second course is targeted at the mentor. Here efficient skills transfer, including techniques for demonstrating, evaluating and providing feedback, will be targeted.

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