Aerial Self Evacuation Rescue

About this course

This rescue training course will provide the participant with an introduction the competency skills required to build a viable rescue plan when working aloft in a aerial lift, complete a viable Self Rescue and Self Evacuation and do proper checks on tools and equipment required for this rescue procedure. Upon completion of this session participants will be able use self evacuation kits, identify hazards to completing a safe and effective rescue, preform a Self Evacuation Rescue from a aerial lift.


Course Goals

Self Evacuation Rescue course goals:

  • Policy and procedures
  • Overview of Self Evacuation kit operation for rescue
  • Safety and safe rescue practices
  • Tools and equipment for rescue
  • How to properly log and track dedicated rescue equipment
  • Regulators requirements for Rescue practice and recording


Course Format

This is a 4-hour course that is delivered at client’s facility, using their Aerial Lifts and can be deliver Monday to Friday with flexible start times to match work schedules. There will be theory, in classroom, and practical’s held in the clients work place. Self Evacuation equipment can be supplied for the training to allow for the participants to try two options of Self Evacuation Rescue kits prior to purchasing.

Student Evaluation

Self Evacuation Rescue course goals:

  • Attendance: Must Attend all theory and practical’s to complete course
  • Participation:
    • Must complete at least one Self Evacuation Rescue at 10 feet (3 Meters)
  • Knowledge Assessment: Must achieve 80% in written evaluation
  • Practical evaluations:
    • Signed off after completing one formal evaluation on Self Evacuation rescue
    • Will be supplied with completion certificate


Maximum participants for 4 – hours sessions is 6.

Company to provide equipment. Ex: Scissor lift, aerial lift


For pricing, please call or email.


Aerial Self Evacuation Rescue

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