Who is E2inc?

E2 Inc. was formed in 2014 as a subsidiary of the EJTC to provide focused training solutions for industry.

In recent years, government and industry have stepped up their investment in workforce training, focusing on ELTT, apprenticeship training, and other training that leads to trades certification. This is the world of the EJTC.

The purpose of E2 Inc. is to bring the expertise and capacity of the EJTC to the industry training field. Industry training, as distinct from workforce training, addresses specific challenges facing individual firms or the industry as a whole. These may be productivity issues, safety issues, or a need to adapt quickly to advances in technology.

Industry training courses tend to be shorter in duration, and may or may not lead to specific certification. Any certification will generally be supplementary to the basic apprentice or journeyperson ticket. This is the world of E2 Inc.

Our mission is to deliver responsive, industry-leading training solutions to B.C., Canada, and beyond.

Our vision is to build a strong electrical industry by delivering responsive training programs that enhance productivity and safety

E2 Inc. has a mandate to provide industry training solutions, recognizing a constant need to adapt to a changing world.

  • The world is becoming greener. E2 Inc. provides training solutions that focus on energy efficiency and cost savings (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Advanced Lighting Controls).
  • The pace of technological change is accelerating. E2 Inc. is at the leading edge of technological changes (Advanced Lighting Controls).
  • The workplace dynamic is evolving. With the wave of coming retirements, less experienced workers are becoming a larger part of the work picture, while employer expectations are rising. E2 Inc. targets knowledge gaps to help new workers work more safely and productively (Mentorship).
  • The face of the workforce is changing. B.C.’s economic growth is creating trades opportunities for people from all demographic groups. In particular, major project proponents and Aboriginal-owned enterprises are seeking work-ready employees from First Nations backgrounds. Working to support Aboriginal training is an E2 Inc. priority (First Nations Joint Ventures).